Why is Strata so expensive? Here’s why . . .

strata_for_rent_92101Like most other downtown Realtors, I had not been inside the new Strata apartments in San Diego’s East Village.  No reason to go.  It’s only for lease and not for sale.  Plus, I’d heard anecdotal evidence from tenant clients about how outrageously Strata’s units were priced.  So I figured they must be right.  But I figured wrong.  I had the opportunity to take a tour of the common areas and some of the units recently.  The verdict: amazing building worth every penny.

Upon entering, you can tell that this is a luxury building arguably nicer than a lot of the resale condo buildings in downtown San Diego.  The touches are luxurious like a fancy hotel.  Upon entering, I half-expected the lobby attendant to offer me a complimentary cocktail and hot towel.

The floorplans make sense.  The finishes are top notch.  They have walk-in closets.  But my favorite part?  Strata is a LEED (Silver) certified building.  In other words, The Hanover Company “gets it”.  And even better is that this designation means it is a smoke-free building.  You can’t smoke in your unit, on your balcony, in any common areas, or even within 25 feet of any entrance.  Now that’s just awesome considering my “favorite” neighbor likes to burn cowboy killers at 2 in the morning.  Thanks, buddy.  More of you, please.

Did I mention there’s a small dog walk area within the secure building?  How about a world-class common area on the first floor?  Oh wait.  Yep.  I did.  What about Lotus Thai, Kebab Shop, East Village Tavern + Bowl, Java Jones, and Cowboy Star across the street?  And it’s 3 blocks from Petco Park where the Padres play.  Not to mention that The Cask Room will be moving from its current location to triple its size downstairs

So, are the rental rates at Strata higher than elsewhere in downtown San Diego?  Yes.  Are there a million good reasons why?  YES!  Call or email me if you’d like to go see for yourself.  I’d love an excuse to check it out again.