92101 And a Half!

If you’re looking to sell anywhere in San Diego county, including Downtown San Diego, Alan makes it simple. He’ll sell your property for one and a half percent (1.5%) of the sale price as your listing agent — compared to the 3 percent a big-brand brokerage charges.

How can he do this? With no brick-and-mortar office, no staff to pay, and no fax machine to keep loaded with endless rolls of thermal paper, Alan runs a lean and agile business. He has the brain, determination, and experience of both a legal and real estate professional who has lived and breathed San Diego for over a decade. Big-brand brokerages jack up their fees and overwhelm you with useless glitz like giant glass-walled conference rooms and uncomfortable chairs to wait in. They make the selling process more complicated than it ought to be, and they charge you more for the privilege.

Alan doesn’t believe in any of that. He saves you all the hassle — and all the cost — of having to deal with a big-brand brokerage.

Bottom line? You’ll save around two percent of the final sale price of your property in commission fees compared to traditional brokerages. In San Diego, the median listing price for a home is almost $700,000 — which means you save as much as $14,000 in commissions by trusting Alan. Not a bad deal. And remember, if you’re buying, Alan always works for free. That’s just how it works. Easy.

Call, text, or email today! You’ll be glad you did.