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Looking to rent in downtown San Diego? Here’s a little friendly advice.

Want to rent an apartment or condo in downtown San Diego?  Sounds great.  So you start by contacting every Realtor downtown, every all-rental apartment building, and start scouring Craigslist to contact a million posters about rental ads.  Congratulations.  You’ve started exactly the wrong way. While it’s true that a lot of downtown San Diego rentals […]

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Why is Strata so expensive? Here’s why . . .

Like most other downtown Realtors, I had not been inside the new Strata apartments in San Diego’s East Village.  No reason to go.  It’s only for lease and not for sale.  Plus, I’d heard anecdotal evidence from tenant clients about how outrageously Strata’s units were priced.  So I figured they must be right.  But I […]

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