What do all these numbers mean for downtown San Diego condos?

I was just looking at some statistics for downtown San Diego real estate through the 3rd quarter of 2010.  And am anxiously awaiting the final numbers for the year gone by.  (I’m sort of kidding about the latter.)  What do these numbers mean?  They mean everything.  And they mean absolutely nothing.  Well, maybe they do if you’re an index investor or an all-cash buyer who doesn’t intend to occupy the unit.  Huh?

My sarcastic point is this: buying a condo in downtown San Diego and living in downtown San Diego is worth it.  While you wait for silly  things like median numbers to go down, interest rates are going up and if you’re not already living here you’re missing out in more ways than one.  This is a lifestyle.  The proof is in the pudding.  I can walk to everything you would ever need to do on the Planet Earth.  Plus, it’s the middle of January and it’s 74 degrees.

So basically, what do you want the downtown San Diego condo stats for 2010 to mean?  You’ll notice that I haven’t bored you with any actual numbers.  As Walter says in The Big Lebowski, “I can get you a toe, dude.”  Meaning that I could make my case either way depending on external factors.  Time to buy in 92101?  Yes!  Time to wait?  Maybe – but that only depends on your personal situation.  If you’re burning money on rent or living somewhere else for work, family, or health reasons, that’s another story altogether.

But you say you’re a numbers person.  Okay, great.  Let’s meet.  I’ll show you all kinds of pretty charts and graphs and numbers, and then tell you the same thing an hour later: if you’re buying something you can afford and plan to hold onto it long-term, then now is a great time to buy.  Contact me today and I’ll help you with the hard part: figuring out which neighborhoods and buildings you would like in the downtown San Diego condo market.