Little Italy Kebab Shop finally has beer!!!

Kebab Shop Litle Italy beer Efes

Okay. So you’re not going here to suck down cold ones after a long day at the office. But it will be mighty nice to enjoy a cold beer with that chicken kebab doner, hold the tomato, spicy inside, and throw some fries in there. (Trust me. Try it.)

As of today, the Kebab Shop in Little Italy at 303 West Beech Street on the ground floor of Aperture, has 3 beers available: Almaza (pilsener from Lebanon), Mythos (lager from Greece), and Efes (pilsener from Turkey). All tasty beers to accompany anything on the menu at the Kebab Shop but Efes is truly a standout. And the Kebab Shop is the exclusive West Coast distributor.

So here’s your new order technique: Place your to-go order in person so you can enjoy an Efes while you wait for your food. Or just dine there with a nice cold beer.  Enjoy!