Announcing a new downtown San Diego real estate brokerage!

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Alan Hamrick, Realtor 92101 Condo Guru

Welcome to 92101 Condo Guru!  With regard to my previous website, I was, am, and always will be your “Downtown San Diego Condo Guide”.  I started this new downtown San Diego real estate brokerage & site because I realized that the traditional real estate model didn’t make sense to me any longer and the consumer wanted something better and different.  So here it is!  A hyperlocal, downtown San Diego brokerage that leverages technology to save the consumer time & money while charging less and giving more to charity.

The business model is simple:

* Charge downtown sellers 1.5% as a listing agent (and no, that’s not the entire fee; it can’t be)
* Downtown San Diego buyers can hire me for free
* Renters pay me zero to help them find a rental in downtown San Diego
* Landlords pay 5% of annual gross rents (and I offer 50% to tenant’s agent)
* 10% of all gross commissions donated to downtown San Diego charities

It’s really that simple.  I’m very excited to be in a position to do what’s best for the client and downtown San Diego at the same time.  Contact me today!