Poor Vantage Pointe. We hardly knew ye.

Well, Vantage Pointe, you’re not actually going anywhere.  (You never were.)  You’re just not for sale anymore. And in my professional opinion, you never should have been in the first place. Vantage Pointe condos in the East Village of downtown San Diego announced this past week that they would be returning all deposits to prospective buyers. Consider yourselves lucky. Wrong project, wrong time, wrong location. But I do like their 10th floor pool level units and their architectural “shark fins” on top. So they’ve got that going for them. Which is nice.

All Vantage Pointe listings in the Multiple Listing Service are either Expired, Withdrawn, or Cancelled.  At least now when people ask me about the downtown San Diego 92101 inventory numbers, I don’t need to hedge my answer with an asterisk.  I would venture to say that these units were never truly for sale considering the list prices were out of whack with current fair market value and the majority of them are less than 1,000 estimated square feet.  I do know a few people who rent there and they seem to be satisfied with the building as a rental.  The proof is in the pudding.  Problem solved.  Check out