Don’t Trash Downtown San Diego

Sure.  I know.  It’s a city.  I get that.  But why do people feel the need to litter?  Downtown San Diego is an urban but idyllic paradise with perfect weather where you can catch a rock show, see a ballgame, and eat at a world class restaurant.  (For the record, I’ve done all three in one night.)  Or better yet, you can just go for a stroll and people watch for free.  It’s not like you’re going to freeze or get wet.  Just don’t forget a light jacket after the sun goes down.

To combat the inevitable lawbreakers (Did somebody say smokers?  Or pedicab drivers?  Or cigarette smoking pedicab drivers?  Don’t get me started.), the city has its own troops at Clean & Safe.  Not only does this amazing group pick up trash and power wash sidewalks but they also serve as additional eyes and ears for the San Diego Police Department.  Clean & Safe works hard in all of 92101 with the exception of Little Italy (which has its own Association). Keeping litter off the street keeps litter out of the ocean, which is one of the main reasons many of us live here.

And one more thing.  If you’re tired of seeing trash on the train tracks, let BNSF Railway know!  There’s nothing the citizenry can do in this arena except to hold them responsible for maintenance of their property.  Contact Lena Kent at BNSF and let your voice be heard.