Pantoja Park – An Urban Slice of Serenity

Pantoja Park Marina District Downtown San Diego 92101
Pantoja Park Marina District Downtown San Diego 92101

It is absolutely gorgeous today in downtown San Diego.  Perfect “hanging out at the park” weather.  So I couldn’t resist.  This is my favorite park!

Nestled in the heart of the Marina District in downtown San Diego is Pantoja Park.  Bounded by Columbia, India, F, & G Streets, Pantoja Park (or Plaza) is the city’s oldest, dating back to 1850.  The park is named for Spanish explorer Don Juan Pantoja y Arriaga who first charted San Diego Bay in 1782.

The park is surrounded by well-established low-rise condo buildings built in the ’80s and 90’s – The Watermark, Park Row, Marina Park, The Brickyard, and Columbia Place.

A statue stands at the front of the park but it’s not Pantoja.  Do you know who it is?  Do you have more trivia about the park?  Suggestions about how to make it better?  Let’s hear it!

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  1. Yspice

    I was so glad to find a little info on this Park. I first bumped into the park when I was visiting it shortly after discovering that I was related to Pantoja’s.

    You can imagine my curiosity bursting but finding no marker with information on Pantoja. I now know a little thanks to others who write about the parks. Curiously also , even though my genealogical searches yield no direct connections, my maiden name is Juarez. There is a statue in that Pantoja Park dedicated to Benito Juarez. It was placed there only recently in 1981. I believe the two family names are connected but have yet to find the link. Thanks to all.

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