Pay more, give less? Tell me it ain’t so, downtown San Diego.

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A fellow downtown San Diego real estate colleague and I have a friendly ongoing dispute.  Our disagreement is simple: I believe that downtown San Diego condo sellers would rather pay less in fees for the same service.  He disagrees.  He thinks sellers don’t care if their listing agent charges the somewhat standard and bloated, but negotiable, 6% (instead of say 4%).  Please help me prove him wrong.  And save yourself a ton of money in the process.  Plus, I’ll give 10% of my earnings to charity. Together, we can help solve an issue like this one.


Every time you hire a real estate agent to help you sell a property for 6% of the gross proceeds, you perpetuate an antiquated, pre-internet business model.  This costs you, and your neighbors, money.  And whether you like it or not, how you spend your money, just like the decisions you make on a daily basis as a consumer, has consequences and affects the world in which we live.  For example, if you buy products that contain palm oil you are unwittingly contributing to the destruction of forests in Malaysia and Indonesia.  This is no different in my humble opinion.  Vote with your dollars and bring change to not only your community/world but also an outdated business model that needs a swift kick in the pants.


So be an informed consumer and prove my friend wrong.  Do what you’re going to do anyway (i.e., buy, sell, or rent a downtown San Diego condo).  Just change who you hire to help you.  It’s cheaper to do so and I guarantee you’ll sleep better at night with that extra money under your mattress.  Hire 92101 Condo Guru to help you sell your downtown San Diego condo. Contact me today!