San Diego Quiet Zone Progress in Marina District

Progress is definitely being made on the Quiet Zone in downtown San Diego’s Marina District neighborhood.  By April 1st, 2011, West G Street will be one way going east from Pacific Highway to Front Street.

Personally, I will miss being able to take a right and go east on West G Street when coming down Front Street from Interstate 5.  But I think fewer blaring horns will do wonders for the downtown San Diego lifestyle.  Not to mention property values.  A couple more parking spaces can’t hurt either.

It will take a while for long-time residents to get used to the new traffic pattern.  I saw 2 wrong way drivers today between Union and State Streets.  Bottom line: we’re getting closer to some peace and quiet.  Check out my previous blog entry on downtown San Diego’s Quiet Zone for additional information and also CCDC’s website.  And stay tuned for more updates.  “Early 2012” is the estimated completion date for the Quiet Zone.