Navy Broadway Complex redevelopment victory

No need to get all legally mumbo jumbo about a recent appellate court decision but the ruling does mean that redevelopment along downtown’s waterfront is closer to becoming a reality.  Despite opposition efforts by the Navy Broadway Complex Coalition, the court ruled that preparation of another environmental impact review (“EIR”) by the City of San Diego is not necessary for the Navy Broadway Complex to move forward.  Manchester, the developer spearheading the redevelopments efforts, is represented by the local law firm of Cooley LLP.

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An EIR was completed in 1992 when city officials entered into an agreement with the Navy.  The Navy then signed a long-term lease to develop the parcel in 2006.  Legal challenges have continued to delay the project.  Opponents to the redevelopment alleged that there have been changes to the project and/or area that merit a new report.  The court disagreed.

Redevelopment will ultimately mean a cleaner, better, revitalized waterfront.  Although neighboring high-rises will have some concerns about views being impacted (for example, Electra, Park Place, Grande North & South), overall the Navy Broadway Complex should add value in terms of neighborhood improvement – ugly buildings will go away and in their place will be hotels, retail, and restaurants in a very convenient location.