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Why do downtown San Diego condo buyers love The Watermark?

March 29, 2014

Watermark condos downtown San Diego Marina District

The Watermark

Watermark condos rooftop patio

Watermark common area patio


Headquarters Seaport District

The Headquarters

Pantoja Park Watermark Marina District

Pantoja Park

That question is actually pretty simple to answer once you know more about the building. The Watermark, located in the classy and established Marina District, has less that 100 units, occupies an entire city block, and features some the biggest and best floor plans in downtown San Diego condos.

Want to buy one?  Of the 96 units, only one unit is currently for sale and another has a sale pending after a very short market time. Why so desirable? Well, these units have 1,550 estimated square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a huge walk-in closet, a den, a laundry room, 10-foot ceilings, and almost all of them have 2 side-by-side parking spaces. Where else can you get that kind of square footage downtown?  Not easy to find.  Not to mention that the new Headquarters is right across the street.

Does it sound like the Watermark is what you’re looking for?  Contact 92101 Condo Guru today!

Looking to rent in downtown San Diego? Here’s a little friendly advice.

March 5, 2014

Want to rent an apartment or condo in downtown San Diego?  Sounds great.  So you start by contacting every Realtor downtown, every all-rental apartment building, and start scouring Craigslist to contact a million posters about rental ads.  Congratulations.  You’ve started exactly the wrong way.

While it’s true that a lot of downtown San Diego rentals never hit the Realtor Multiple Listing Service (apartment buildings, Craigslist ads, etc.), the best place to start, in just about any venture, is finding a professional you trust.  This is what we do all day – help people find their new homes.  What do you do for a living?  I have no idea – but it isn’t this.

Same goes for real estate, renting or buying.  And the best part is that hiring a professional downtown San Diego Realtor is free.  You might think, incorrectly, that the best thing to do is to get all the agents to go to work for you.  Right?  Wrong.  We know what you’re doing.  And so no one is working hard to help you.

While you think you’ve got 10 agents working to find you that perfect place, in reality, there are zero working on your behalf.  See, we get paid on results and work hard for clients committed to us.  And it’s pretty hard to get up and go to work in the morning if you think you won’t get paid for your time, effort, and expertise.  Consider this: Would you have gone to work today if you thought you might not get paid?  Say “yes”.  I dare ya.

So, if you need downtown San Diego real estate help, find a professional you trust.  (Read Yelp reviews, ask friends and co-workers, query Señor Google.)  It doesn’t have to be 92101 Condo Guru.  Just make it somebody.  One somebody.  A full-time professional, hyperlocal downtown San Diego Realtor will make your life easier and you’ll get better results.  Even if you end up finding something on Craigslist and your agent doesn’t make a dime.  Try it.  You’ll like it.  It’s free. Tell your friends.

Little Italy Kebab Shop finally has beer!!!

December 21, 2013

Kebab Shop Litle Italy beer Efes

Okay. So you’re not going here to suck down cold ones after a long day at the office. But it will be mighty nice to enjoy a cold beer with that chicken kebab doner, hold the tomato, spicy inside, and throw some fries in there. (Trust me. Try it.)

As of today, the Kebab Shop in Little Italy at 303 West Beech Street on the ground floor of Aperture, has 3 beers available: Almaza (pilsener from Lebanon), Mythos (lager from Greece), and Efes (pilsener from Turkey). All tasty beers to accompany anything on the menu at the Kebab Shop but Efes is truly a standout. And the Kebab Shop is the exclusive West Coast distributor.

So here’s your new order technique: Place your to-go order in person so you can enjoy an Efes while you wait for your food. Or just dine there with a nice cold beer.  Enjoy!

What’s the deal with the downtown San Diego real estate market?

November 30, 2013

Here’s the scoop on the downtown San Diego real estate market over the past 12 months or so. Late 2012 was slow and boring.  At the beginning of 2013, however, we saw multiple offers on listings because interest rates were still in the 3s and 92101 for-sale inventory was only around 150 units. It was a case of low supply, high demand, cheap money, and a lot of buyers who finally realized that they missed the bottom of the market by about 18 months.

By Independence Day 2013, that frenzy was over.  Downtown San Diego condo inventory had increased, and interest rates were into the mid-4s.  Lots of buyers went back to fence-sitting which translated into longer market times, decreased showings,  and expired listings.  As of today, the Sandicor Multiple Listing Service “active” inventory for downtown San Diego  real estate is just under 250 units.

So where is this market going?  As for inventory, it remains to be seen. The classic pattern is for buyers and sellers to take a break over the holidays and come back in January and February.  One thing is for certain – there will be no new construction for sale in downtown San Diego in 2014. And probably not even 2015.  (Those cranes you see in Little Italy and the East Village are apartments and City College construction, respectively.)  The downtown market is likely to be slow and steady next year. But slow and steady wins the race.  And inventory, whether that’s quantity or quality, will likely be the wild card much as it was this year.

What about mortgage interest rates today?  Where will they be in 2014?  Right now, they are around the mid-4s for a conventional 30-year fixed note. It’s hard to predict the future but given the overall health of the economy, or lack thereof, I wouldn’t expect rates to skyrocket or plummet over the next 12 months.  Do you have questions about the downtown San Diego real estate market?  Ask 92101 Condo Guru.  Have questions about loans and interest rates?  Ask a mortgage broker.  I like Skip at Park Village Financial.  (858) 538-3091  He knows the numbers side of the deal.  Feel free to chat him up about surfing and brewing craft beer while you’re at it.

Bottom line: If you’re looking to buy and hold, it’s a great time to lock in a 30-year fixed loan in the 4% range. Rates will go up but we just don’t know exactly when. And downtown San Diego is only getting better with the upcoming waterfront park, the new public library, and The Headquarters, just to name a few.  Looking to buy?  Or sell?  Or even rent?  That all depends on your objective. And your reading of the tea leaves. Please contact 92101 Condo Guru today to discuss absolutely anything about downtown San Diego real estate.  Happy holidays! (619) 630-4882

Stone Company Store Open on Kettner Boulevard!

November 23, 2013

Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101

Are you a craft beer fanatic?  (I am.)  Want to enjoy your adult beverages and then walk home?  (I do.)  Well then, come check out downtown San Diego!  With the addition of the Stone Company Store at 1202 Kettner Boulevard in the Columbia District, 92101 has even more easily accessible craft beer options.

Karl Strauss Brewing has been in the Columbia District since February 1989.  Stone, the newest kid on the 92101 block, definitely has more taps but Karl Strauss has 10 drafts plus fantastic food. Try the fish tacos, decadent mac and cheese, or the burgers.  And chili!  You won’t be disappointed.  And they do $8 64-oz growler fills on Fridays.  Want to enjoy these establishments and then walk home?  Check out The Grande (North and South), Sapphire Tower, or Treo.  I’ll need to hit Stone a few more times before I get the hang of it but I definitely recommend the Reason Be Damned Belgian Style Abbey Ale aged in Red Wine Barrels.  Wow!

Mission Brewery has been around for a while in the East Village (Ballpark District) just east of Petco Park and actually lies within the footprint of the proposed Charger Stadium.  Icon, Park Terrace, M2i, Fahrenheit are all close by.  Also in the East Village is Monkey Paw Brewing.  If you’re hooked on their beers and cheesesteaks (the Blairsteak with waffle fries is amazing), then Union Square or even Cortez Hill condos would be good options.

Last but certainly not least is Ballast Point in north Little Italy.  So easy to walk to if you lived at Hawthorn Place, Acqua Vista, or La Vita.  Sound like the lifestyle you’ve been looking for?  Let’s grab a beer and talk about downtown San Diego real estate.  Contact me today and let me know when and where.  I’ll be there.


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