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January 17, 2017

Helping with residential real estate anywhere in San Diego! Lower seller fees! Buyer rebates!

January 10, 2017

92101 Condo Guru downtown San Diego Realtor

92101 Condo Guru downtown San Diego Realtor

Just a friendly reminder in the New Year. Please read. Thanks!

Hello world:

Whether you’ve known me for 20 years or 20 minutes, it’s worth reminding you what I do for a living to support my family, help people, and change the world: I help people make smart decisions about residential real estate in San Diego, California. And that’s all I do, all day, every day, 365 days a year. For the past 14 years now.

Hard to believe it’s been that long since I decided the practice of law was just too boring for me and started on my residential real estate venture. That’s right. In case you didn’t know, I’m a Realtor who not only has extensive experience navigating real estate transactions but also have formal training and real world experience in contracts and negotiation not to mention a 4th year of law school for tax law. How much does this extra expertise cost you? Zero. Actually, less than zero. Keep reading.

What’s my business model? So here’s a refresher of my old and somewhat new business model going forward: Yes, my website is “92101 Condo Guru” but I work all over San Diego County helping buyers and sellers. A condo market is much more difficult than detached homes due to homeowner associations, CC&Rs, new construction/view impact, owner occupancy issues, VA & FHA loan hurdles, construction defect litigation, architectural review committees, and the like. That’s why I focus/specialize on downtown. But after tracking almost 90 buildings with over 11,000 condos, working with a “regular” house is super easy to me. I will gladly park in the driveway, review a title insurance report, and get some termite work done. Piece of cake, comparatively speaking.

Are you getting the picture? So yes. I call myself “92101 Condo Guru”. That’s where I live, that’s where my office is located, and that’s where I do a lot of real estate business. But I also help people buy and sell houses, condos, and townhomes throughout the county. Over the years, I’ve helped buyers & sellers in Chula Vista, Oceanside, Pacific Beach, Rancho Peñasquitos, Scripps Ranch, North Park, South Park, La Mesa, El Cajon . . . . See what I mean? In 2016 alone, I successfully helped clients buy homes in Pacific Beach, University City, Rancho Santa Fe, and Santaluz in addition to downtown San Diego.

Looking to buy real estate in San Diego? It costs you zero to hire me as your exclusive buyer’s agent. In fact, starting in 2017, if you hire me for free as your buyer’s agent, I will give you the advertised Redfin rebate amount plus $1,000 to help you pay closing costs or buy points on your mortgage to reduce your interest rate. Just send me a screenshot of the amount they are offering and I will beat it. Try to find someone with my unparalleled skill level who does that. I dare you. Not to mention that I’m going to save you money on the acquisition anyway plus save you on your mortgage amount and property taxes for as long as you own the property.

Selling real estate anywhere in San Diego County? I only charge 4% total for comprehensive representation from start to finish including professional photography, marketing, negotiations, paperwork, etc. And that number drops to 3% total if I find the buyer myself. (This is compared to the average Realtor who charges 5%-6% for each transaction.) This isn’t a “discount” business model. It’s full service at a better price. Why? Because it makes sense. That’s why. Ask around about other agents. Please. They charge way too much and aren’t nearly as qualified. Selling property also has a risk management element. Who do you think is going to do a better job for you? The experienced Realtor with a legal background or . . . ?

Do I help people find rentals? What about landlords who need tenant placement and property management services? Yes and yes. But I only work directly with those clients in the 92101 downtown San Diego zip code. Outside of downtown, I have a network of neighborhood rental and property management specialists from central San Diego to Carlsbad to La Mesa. For downtown rentals, I only charge 5% per month and you only pay when the unit is occupied.

Giving back. And no matter what I earn, I still give 10% of my earnings to mostly homeless charities to try and eradicate an unconscionable and deplorable epidemic in what is supposed to be the greatest country in the world.

You should care who you hire. You should care where your money goes. Coldwell Banker is owned by Realogy, a publicly-traded company based in New Jersey. Berkshire Hathaway is owned by Warren Buffett – he doesn’t need your money. Sotheby’s Real Estate? You guessed it, Realogy. Care to guess who owns Century 21? Lucky guess. 92101 Condo Guru is a small, local business that gives back to the community to make San Diego better – Rescue Mission, Monarch School, New Children’s Museum, and The San Diego Foundation to name a few. Are you helping multinational corporations or human beings? And if you hire me, you get me. That’s not always the case.

Thanks for reading. And remember. If you have a real estate question in San Diego County, I am or I have the answer. I’m your one-stop shop for all things San Diego real estate. And if I don’t do it, I know who does. Please start living like the decisions you make affect the world in which we live, the world our children will inherit – because they do. And they will.

How am I able to do this? Why am I doing this? How can I do this? Charge so much less and give so much more than anyone else? Because this is America and I’m an entrepreneur. Plain and simple. I’ve eliminated the middle man, the fluff, the wasteful overhead. You and the community benefit.

Still don’t believe I should be your first choice for San Diego real estate? Look at my Yelp reviews. And unlike some of my competitors, all of my reviews are real.


Alan Hamrick, REALTOR

P.S. Don’t need any help? Know someone who does? Pass it on. Thanks!

I’m totally excited about my new angle stops and kitchen faucet installed by Richard at Bluetorch Plumbing. It’s the little things. Great, fast job! #92101in #littleitalysd #bluetorchplumbing

December 20, 2016

San Diego County Administration Center might look like a castle at night but if you don’t pay your property taxes by today the Treasurer-Tax Collector will add a 10% penalty to your bill. #92101in #sandiegorealestate #propertytaxes

December 12, 2016

Showing a condo to a client at The Legend in East Village and passed by Larry’s Deli @hungrylarrys on ground floor. I see Reubens and Padres baseball in my future. #92101in #legendcondossandiego #eastvillagesd

December 10, 2016

Pacific Gate by Bosa is climbing into the sky. Looks like up to 33rd Floor! Only 2 of the popular 3 bedroom Estate Collection units are left. 2,608 estimated square feet. #92101in #pacificgatebybosa #downtownsandiegocondos

December 1, 2016

Lofty Coffee at the corner of Columbia and W. Cedar in Little Italy is coming along. The North County locations look cool. Fingers crossed. @loftycoffeeco #92101in #littleitalysd #downtownsandiego #loftycoffeeco

November 8, 2016

Corner Bakery Cafe at 1st & Broadway is definitely an upgrade from Wendy’s. They were doing a soft opening when I walked by today. @cornerbakery #92101in #downtownsandiego

October 29, 2016

Pacific Gate by Bosa is moving on up! Concrete is being poured at level 30, glass curtain walls are completing installation on level 12, and framing of residences is now complete through to level 8. The tower’s pinnacle, at level 41, is still on track to be reached by late spring 2017. #92101in #pacificgatebybosa #downtownsandiegorealestate

October 9, 2016

Zanzibar downtown is no more. Next? On a related note, any comments on living at Lofts @ 677 7th Avenue? #92101in #zanzibarcafesd #eastvillagesd

September 29, 2016

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