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@amgdemolition is knocking down a piece of history in Little Italy today. A 24-story tower will rise in its place. #92101in #crossfitinvictus #littleitalysd

August 19, 2016

Can @socialtapsandiego survive where Southpaw and El Vitral failed? Sure hope so. Great space. Coming Summer 2015! #padrespregame #eastvillagebeer #downtownsandiego

May 6, 2015

Little Italy Kebab Shop finally has beer!!!

December 21, 2013

Kebab Shop Litle Italy beer Efes

Okay. So you’re not going here to suck down cold ones after a long day at the office. But it will be mighty nice to enjoy a cold beer with that chicken kebab doner, hold the tomato, spicy inside, and throw some fries in there. (Trust me. Try it.)

As of today, the Kebab Shop in Little Italy at 303 West Beech Street on the ground floor of Aperture, has 3 beers available: Almaza (pilsener from Lebanon), Mythos (lager from Greece), and Efes (pilsener from Turkey). All tasty beers to accompany anything on the menu at the Kebab Shop but Efes is truly a standout. And the Kebab Shop is the exclusive West Coast distributor.

So here’s your new order technique: Place your to-go order in person so you can enjoy an Efes while you wait for your food. Or just dine there with a nice cold beer.  Enjoy!

Stone Company Store Open on Kettner Boulevard!

November 23, 2013

Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101 Stone Brewing Kettner Boulevard downtown San Diego 92101

Are you a craft beer fanatic?  (I am.)  Want to enjoy your adult beverages and then walk home?  (I do.)  Well then, come check out downtown San Diego!  With the addition of the Stone Company Store at 1202 Kettner Boulevard in the Columbia District, 92101 has even more easily accessible craft beer options.

Karl Strauss Brewing has been in the Columbia District since February 1989.  Stone, the newest kid on the 92101 block, definitely has more taps but Karl Strauss has 10 drafts plus fantastic food. Try the fish tacos, decadent mac and cheese, or the burgers.  And chili!  You won’t be disappointed.  And they do $8 64-oz growler fills on Fridays.  Want to enjoy these establishments and then walk home?  Check out The Grande (North and South), Sapphire Tower, or Treo.  I’ll need to hit Stone a few more times before I get the hang of it but I definitely recommend the Reason Be Damned Belgian Style Abbey Ale aged in Red Wine Barrels.  Wow!

Mission Brewery has been around for a while in the East Village (Ballpark District) just east of Petco Park and actually lies within the footprint of the proposed Charger Stadium.  Icon, Park Terrace, M2i, Fahrenheit are all close by.  Also in the East Village is Monkey Paw Brewing.  If you’re hooked on their beers and cheesesteaks (the Blairsteak with waffle fries is amazing), then Union Square or even Cortez Hill condos would be good options.

Last but certainly not least is Ballast Point in north Little Italy.  So easy to walk to if you lived at Hawthorn Place, Acqua Vista, or La Vita.  Sound like the lifestyle you’ve been looking for?  Let’s grab a beer and talk about downtown San Diego real estate.  Contact me today and let me know when and where.  I’ll be there.


Downtown San Diego Quiet Zone Update

November 1, 2012

It sounds like we’re getting closer to the much-anticipated Quiet Zone for downtown San Diego.  But I’ll believe it when I don’t hear it.  (See what I did there?)  According to Civic San Diego, a programming glitch delayed implementation but those isues have been resolved.  The final configurations will be be performed the week of Sept 10-14. Read More …

Announcing a new downtown San Diego real estate brokerage!

March 15, 2012

92101 condo guru downtown san diego realtor

Alan Hamrick, Realtor 92101 Condo Guru

Welcome to 92101 Condo Guru!  With regard to my previous website, I was, am, and always will be your “Downtown San Diego Condo Guide”.  I started this new downtown San Diego real estate brokerage & site because I realized that the traditional real estate model didn’t make sense to me any longer and the consumer wanted something better and different.  So here it is!  A hyperlocal, downtown San Diego brokerage that leverages technology to save the consumer time & money while charging less and giving more to charity.

The business model is simple:

* Charge downtown sellers 1.5% as a listing agent (and no, that’s not the entire fee; it can’t be)
* Downtown San Diego buyers can hire me for free
* Renters pay me zero to help them find a rental in downtown San Diego
* Landlords pay 5% of annual gross rents (and I offer 50% to tenant’s agent)
* 10% of all gross commissions donated to downtown San Diego charities

It’s really that simple.  I’m very excited to be in a position to do what’s best for the client and downtown San Diego at the same time.  Contact me today!

Downtown San Diego Pedestrian Bridge Wins 3 Awards

June 29, 2011

The self-anchored, 550-foot pedestrian suspension bridge in downtown San Diego connecting the East Village with the waterfront has recently won 3 prestigious awards.  Can you name them?  No?  Neither can I.  And who cares.  The proof is in the pudding (and, for argument’s sake, I’ll pretend like I know what that idiom means).  Here’s what you should care about:

1) It’s cool and iconic: This one’s pretty simple.  You don’t need to be an engineer to be wowed by it.  Not only is it a cool addition to the downtown San Diego urban landscape but the city views from the bridge itself are also amazing.

2) Increased walkability (and runability): I don’t think the latter is even a word but you get the idea. This is a crucial part of the City of San Diego’s Park-to-Bay link.  No need to clash with trolleys and trains at 5th and Harbor if you simply want to stroll or run along the water at Embarcadero Park South.

3) Do you like beer, food, and/or baseball?: Well then, things just got better.  Go to the new Mission Brewery and then go for a walk on the bay.  Dine at Fox Sports Grill and then walk over to Petco Park for a Padres game.  Grab a carne asada burrito at Lolita’s and then have a picnic in the grass between the Hilton San Diego Bayfront and the Convention Center.  (If they turn that park into more hotel, look for me protesting.)

So there you have it.  Downtown San Diego and downtown San Diego living just got cooler and better.  Just wait until the Quiet Zone and library are finished.  Then we’ll really be making some progress in 92101.

San Diego Quiet Zone Progress in Marina District

March 24, 2011

Progress is definitely being made on the Quiet Zone in downtown San Diego’s Marina District neighborhood.  By April 1st, 2011, West G Street will be one way going east from Pacific Highway to Front Street.

Personally, I will miss being able to take a right and go east on West G Street when coming down Front Street from Interstate 5.  But I think fewer blaring horns will do wonders for the downtown San Diego lifestyle.  Not to mention property values.  A couple more parking spaces can’t hurt either.

It will take a while for long-time residents to get used to the new traffic pattern.  I saw 2 wrong way drivers today between Union and State Streets.  Bottom line: we’re getting closer to some peace and quiet.  Check out my previous blog entry on downtown San Diego’s Quiet Zone for additional information and also CCDC’s website.  And stay tuned for more updates.  “Early 2012” is the estimated completion date for the Quiet Zone.

Lounge @ 27Five and Bagel Club come to Marina District

February 15, 2011

The great thing about downtown San Diego’s Marina District is the same thing that makes it fall short: it’s a good walking distance away from a variety of eating and drinking establishments.  Solution: 2 new businesses opening in Spring 2011!  Yes!!!  (Update: Lounge @27Five never came to fruition.  Apparently over building resident concerns about their liquor license.)

VineAgoGo’s “The Lounge @ 27Five” should be a welcome change for downtown San Diego’s residential condo community.  The Marina District, although the most established neighborhood in 92101, has always lacked a variety of bars and cafes often necessitating long walks to various establishments.  This should correct that.  The Lounge @275 is located on the ground floor of The Pinnacle condo building at the corner of Market and Union Streets.

As for Bagel Club, now open as of Valentine’s Day 2011 at the corner of Market and Front Streets at Horizons, it ends the long running monopoly held by The Brickyard.  It remains to be seen whether this new establishment (and location) can compete with the long-time established local favorite located across from Park Place and Pantoja Park.  I’ll be the judge of that.  Look for my upcoming reviews on Yelp!

Downtown San Diego Quiet Zone Update

January 27, 2011


Great news!  Construction has begun and the new projected completion date is:  Winter 2012.

For details about the project check out the CCDC website or go to the website.  Or even better, check out my previous post about the Quiet Zone for downtown San Diego.

When the project is complete, it should do wonders for the 92101 lifestyle and increase property values – especially in the Marina District, Columbia District, and Little Italy neighborhoods of downtown San Diego.

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